Bas, a tough fighter
Because passing on life is the biggest gift

Who is Bas? 

Bas is a 10- year old boy when faith hits him on  november the 5th 2015. He crashes while practising on the footbalfield.het noodlot toeslaat: Bas stort in op het voetbalveld.  The diagnosis hits us like a rock: dilated cardiomyopathy. Bas' heart fastly deteriorates and on february the 3rd  he ends up ond the waiting list for a hearttransplantation.  On may the 3rd, he dies, approximately one month after the transplantation, due to hyperacute rejection of the allograft. He asked to be an organdonor himself and this last wish we eagerly granted him.  Bas donated his organs to other children and young people, that hopefully live a better life now. He passed on his life. Alpha and omega. 

Bas in 'Cathérine'

' Can I become an organdonor, doctor?

The consultation

During the consultation on Childrens' cardiology department Bas asked Prof. Dr. Van Cleemput: ' Can I become an organdonor myself, doctor?' ' Of course you can', the doctor smilingly answered.

The transplantation

At the beginning of April we received the long awaited phonecall: ' We probably have a heart for Bas'.  Unfortunately things didn't work out the way they should. Bas rejected the allograft and died approximately one month after transplantation. He donated his organs at the same time the programme he participated in was broadcasted on national television. 

The donation

Because Bas wanted it himself, because he received an organ from antoher child, he became a donor himself. He gave life to other children that try to survive in a difficult situation together with their brothers, sisters and parents. A whole family is affected and involved in transplantation. Of course his heart was no longer transplantable.     

The facebook-page' Bas, een stoere strijder'

The communicationservices of the broadcasting company advised us to create a FB-page, in order to canalise the many reactions after broadcasting.  Immedeatly after the programme, the page generated about 25 000 likes and is now more or less stable on 28 500 likes.  Top-messages on the page sometimes generate over 300 000 views, which is enormeous. Because of the succes of the page, the many stories about transplantation and organdonation, the stories of hope and despair  ...the page indicated what it means to give hope to those waiting and it lead straight into organising the 'VZW'.  For Bas, in order to never be forgotten, but also for thousands of waiting for a chance of life.  

The VZW Bas, stoere strijder

"Because passing on life is the biggest gift"

VZW= organisation without lucrative purpose

Education en information 

What is organdonation? Talking about it is an important beginning.  Would you like more information?  Would you like a presentation in your company or organisation or organise an information-session? Contact us, and we create a suitable proposition for your organisation of company.


There are already many organisations for organtransplantation.  There aree many less organisations working around organdonation.We want to support projects of existing organisation but also create our own projects. Our funds should go to families confronted with transplantation but also to scientific research in order to improve treatment after transplantation esp. in children and support scientific research that helps avoiding diseases that lead to transplantation.      


Alas, without money, you won't go around. To achieve our goals we regularly have our activities. You can donate on BE90 1030 4625 5732 of  VZW Bas, stoere strijder.  If you are a company, take a look at our page created for sponsors elsewhere on this website.

Or donate online

We hope to meet you at our activities 

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