About us

Why a VZW? ( organisation without lucrative interest/ foundation) 

The heritage of Bas was considered important by many involved in his transplantation/donation or their own.  Transplantation coordination, transplantation surgeons and many already involved asked us to continue Bas' story and 'do something with it'.       

Our littke boy was extremely intelligent and understood very well what was going on inside his body, and what the future would bring for him.  He eagerly wanted to participate in a televisionprogramme about organtransplantation , broadcasted on Belgian commercial television.  He was very happy to share his story and wanted to become ' famous'.  We always expected our little walking encyclopedia to achieve higher goals, due to his intelligence and his motivation. In his short life, just over a decade, he dit not have a chance to achieve this, therefor we try to achieve it for him and try to make a difference between life and barely living, between the waitinglist and being transplanted. 

Thanks to friends, businesspartners and many others involved and being enthousiastic to devote their energy into this project, we managed to raise this organisation.  To make the difference for those waiting in despair for a better life or even just a life, and to help spread the message of hope of organdonation, because passing on life is the greatest gift.  

With this organisation we want to raise funds to help existing organisations achieve their goals, but also to support families confronted with organtransplantation and donation, as well als supporting families confronted with lvongtermdisease that might lead to TX.

Bas en Adriaan

the story goes on

In september 2014we woke up one saterudaymorning with disturbing news. Adriaan, The 14-year old son of friends, living in the same street hit his head while skateboarding.  Unfortunately, his brain was badly damaged and a few days later he would die. Bas and Adriaan knew eachother well, they were a very comic pair.  Bas was overtaken by grief after Adriaan's death. It would have been the wish of the parents to donate his organs, but because of the repeated resuscitation, that was no longer possible.  In february 2015 there was the 'Nacht van Adriaan', organised by his parents, his scouting- group and his footballteam Genk VV .  Bas was already on the waitinglist at that time and the profits of the party went entirely to the ' Fonds voor kind- en orgaantransplantatie'.  Who would have thougtt that a few months later, these same friends, these same scouts, this same footballteam would meet again in great sadness of the loss of another one of their children, friends, teammate, ...  Together we will organise this party again and again, in order  to make these horrible deaths into something beautiful: attention for the gift of life.

The Board

This picture was taken during our kick- offevent on  october the 13th 2016 in  Casino Modern in Genk.  A special evening with exquisite spekers meant the official start of our organisation. Thank to the many people present and to the press; local and national for their interest. Thanks to Stijn Dirix, Prof. dr. Monbaliu, Prof. dr. Van Damme- Lombaerts for their inspiring speeches.

Our friends